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Piano Lessons
Jazz Lessons
Brass Lessons
Guitar Lessons
Jazz study involves a multitude of skills in addition to basic musical skills.  Students at the Murvihill Piano Studio will develop these skills, including:
~ A thorough understanding of harmonic theory
~ An ability to emulate musical styles
~ A good understanding of composition
~ The musical and visual customs of the traditional jazz group
~ Bebop vocabulary
~ Solo transcription
Piano students will play songs and read music from the first lesson. Beginning students learn to read using fingerings as they develop rhythm, tempo and articulation skills.  As they progress, they will learn to read notes using skips and steps and through note reading.
The most important aspect of strong brass playing is a strong sound. Students will learn to play with a good sound foremost, but will also learn rhythm, articulation, musicality and will  learn to read music and to play in groups. 
The Murvihill Piano Studio is offering guitar lessons to beginning guitarists at least 7 years old. Students will learn chords, songs, strumming and picking techniques, different scales for different musical styles and good sound production.
"I am very patient. I take into account that each child has different learning strategies and requires different teaching approaches. I encourage students to explore their interest in different styles of music while insisting that they learn to play with good rhythm, tempo, articulation and musicality. 
I have found that many students appreciate the individual attention that they seldom receive at our  public schools, and that the ability to play music from a book or in groups improves concentration. I believe strongly in developing a students reading skills so that they may continue to enjoy playing different pieces of music as they move through life. " ~ Ron Murvihill
Students will have free professional level piano accompanying available to them for lessons and for recitals. 
Students will have the opportunity each week during lessons to hear professional level brass sound. It is extremely important that this sound is internalized and emulated .
Students will also have opportunities to practice and perform with a professional jazz pianist and to participate in jam sessions with other students and jazz professionals.
As students advance they will learn how barre  chords can expand their chordal vocabulary twelvefold.  They will learn to play in tempo with recordings and with other musicians, and learn practice skills to accelerate their development. 
Students can learn techniques for playing rock, metal, blues, jazz or classical while at the same time develop good fundamental musical skills.